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Steps on How to Send a Fax Using Gmail

Since Gmail was launched almost 15 years ago, Gmail has undergone several improvements to provide the best email free service in the world. The number of users of Gmail has increased at a high rate over a few years. Millions of individuals and companies use Gmail every day for effective communication. Many freelancers find Gmail as an essential part of their work. Some of the benefits of using email are such as a faster email sending and has several other features that facilitate effective communication. Gmail can also be integrated with online fax to allow you to send a fax using Gmail and hence to assist you in saving money and time that you could have used to buy a fax machine. Therefore Gmail is a fantastic tool in day to day activities. In this article, we are to discuss how Gmail can be used to send a fax in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Create a New Email Message

The first step involved in sending a fax using a Gmail is to click on the icon labeled “compose” after logging in your email or if you do not have an email after creating one and logged in. When you click on the icon named compose, the icon will open a new page/window where it will give you three fields to fill. One space is named “To,” another “Subject” and the last “compose email.”


Step 2: Enter the Recipient Number

After completing the first step, now you have three spaces where you are supposed to fill to finish sending your fax. Now in this step, you are supposed to enter the recipient fax number on the field indicated as “To “and ensure you add the domain of the fax service just next to the recipient’s fax number. For instance, if the fax number is 123456789, then enter it as [email protected] Your service always provides the fax domain, and it should always be included s shown in the example above.


emailStep 3: Add a Cover Page

Remember you are now remaining with two empty fields. That is the “subject” field, and the “Compose email”field to fill all the provided field before sending the fax using the Gmail. Now in this step of adding a cover page, we are going to use the field indicated as the “subject” on our email. Also, you can use the message field to when adding the cover page. The cover page is meant for people who are willing to provide additional information concerning the fax that is to be sent. Therefore you can opt to leave the subject field blank, but for our case here we need to write something in the subject field for the clear elaboration of this process. For our case let write in our subject or message field “my special cover page.” and leave like that.


Step 4: Upload Your File(s)

In this step, you are required to upload your files from your computer or mobile phone that are supposed to be sent. The files will be converted to fax. Some of the files that can be uploaded are such as PDF, TXT, XLS, DOC, and JPG. The attach file icon is in the lower part of the new window for composing an email in your computer. Also, for the people using phones, the attach file icon is located on the top right corner.


Step 5: Proofread and Send the Fax

That is the last step involved in sending the fax using Gmail. At this step, you are required to ensure everything that you want to send is correct before submitting. After confirming that everything is okay, now it the right time to click on the send button to send. Sending will be done in a short time, and Gmail will confirm that your fax has been sent. Therefore the above five steps are beneficial to anyone who wants to use Gmail to send a fax. By considering the five easy steps, you will enjoy sending the fax using Gmail.…

Tips for choosing a great bottle of wine

A glass of wine is great for the soul and sommeliers will tell you the importance of mindful selection of your bottle. Preferences in wine may differ, but there are standard details that are prevalent in the best brands across the globe. However, there are numerous types or brands of wine and therefore you ought to have a basic background on wine so that you make an informed decision. When you are handed a menu in a bar or restaurant, it is intelligible that you may falter and select to an unsuitable bottle due to the wide array of options therein. The following tips can turn you from a casual wine drinker to an expert in the winery.

Pick a waiter

Servers are equipped with elaborate skills and knowledge to pinpoint the best wine depending on the tastes of thebottle drinkers. Waiters in Margaret River wines are meant to guide, reassure and help you without being condescending in any way. In this regard, you can handpick a waiter based on personality and knowledge. He will then take you through the menu until you identify a bottle that you seem suitable. You are allowed to inquire as much as you require and if the waiter is not forthcoming then don’t be shy to request for a replacement politely.

Consider the region of origin

Worldwide, some regions are known for the best types/brands of wine and these countries are synonymous with warm climatic conditions. Chile, South Africa, Spain, South France, and Australia are examples of regions that are known for the best types of wine. Knowing the country of origin gives you an insight of what to expect in terms of the quality of refinement. Indeed, warm climates are known to guarantee better wine than regions that are prevalently cooler.

Price range

doll and beer bottles Quality vineyards, restaurants or wineries should be able to assist their clients in arriving at the best types of wine regardless of the price. A talented sommelier won’t have a problem accommodating your price range and offering the best wine within the category. Also, there are expensive and exquisite wines that are reserved at exorbitant prices.


Taste the wine

Great wineries and restaurant will allow prospective clients to taste the wine in order to settle on the preferable sample. The attendant or waiter will pour a bit of wine in a glass for you to evaluate it. Wine tasting can be done by actual drinking or smelling.…