A Complete Buying Guide for a Plasma Cutter

The use of a plasma cutter is the fastest and easiest way of cutting metals. This machine is considered to be safer as compared to the oxy-fuel cutting system and other set-ups which use acetylene. The only issue with plasma cutters is their high cost.

These machines are highly efficient, making them an excellent option for welding businesses and metal workers. In addition to this, these cutters are very versatile, meaning you can use them to cut different types of metals, including stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. Looking at other welding options, you have to consider a plasma cutter that meets your needs. This guide is going to help choose the best cutter for your projects.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Plasma Cutter

  • Kind of metal that you are cutting
  • It’s cut rating
  • The voltage of the plasma cutter
  • The cutting speed
  • Frequency of the cutter
  • Supply of  air or inert gas
  • Portability

The following are the best plasma cutters on the current market;

Hypertherm Powermaz45

The Powermaz45 is a plasma cutter that has a high cutting performance. Hypertherm, its manufacturer, has been producing high-quality plasma cutters for many years. This machine features state-of-the-art consumable technology, which delivers sterling cut quality fate speeds for improved productivity. In addition to its high-quality offering, this machine is very portable. It is easy to operate, making it an excellent option for beginners.

This machine is known for providing a stable plasma arc, making it one of the top options for money. Furthermore, it offers fast-cutting speeds and long consumable life that are bound to lower one’s gouging and cutting costs.

The systems’ requirements for this cutter are very simple. It can either be powered by a generator or fixed power source. Most people use this cutter in various industries, such as transportation and agriculture. The main applications for this machine include excellent feature cutting, gouging, bevel cutting, and extended reach cutting.


  • Weight-37lbs
  • Warranty-3 years
  • Voltage-200-240V
  • Length- 16.75 inches
  • Width- 6.75 inches
  • Height-13.7 inches


  • Easy to use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Supports precise cutting that lessens the grinding time
  • Very powerful
  • Its package comes with additional accessories


  • It is quite expensive

Hobart Airforce 40i

The Hobart Airforce 40i cutter is one of the top models for home use. It is one of the most expensive and powerful plasma cutters. This machine is characterized by impressive reliability, solid duty cycle, and fast cutting speeds. The Hobart company is known for producing high-power and high-quality ad affordable plasma cutter. The Hobart Airforce 40i cutter is a practical choice for non-industrial and light industrial usage.

Furthermore, this cutter has a high cutting capability, making it an excellent option for cutting perforated or through expanded metals. You can also use it to cut through coated or painted surfaces. It has exceptional safety features and an efficient air consumption rate. The Hobart Airforce 40i cutter is a top choice for those people who are planning to but plasma cutters for heavy workloads.


  • Warranty-three years
  • Input voltage-220/240/230V
  • Width- 31.4 lbs
  • Weight- 8.25 inches
  • Length 14.25 inches


  • It can start without high frequency
  • It has a powerful cutting performance
  • Has a pilot arc controller that enables the cutter to cut perforated or expanded metals
  • It features wind tunnel technology


  • It’s ground clam is quite weak