Facts to Know about Gmail Faxing

Communication plays a vital role in the day-to-day running of any business. Investing or making improvements in how you communicate is key to taking your business to the next level. There were days where business communication was only limited to traditional fax machines. With technological advancements, other better and effective modes of communication like email and real-time messaging have come up. For those that that still have to send messages or documents via fax, email faxing is the real deal.

How to Send a Fax Via Gmail

faxing email

With regards to email faxing, Google allows you to send and receive your faxes via your Gmail. However, you need to understand how to send a fax using Gmail first. If you have sent documents via email before, this process should be easy to understand. You need to sign up with an online fax service provider to link your Gmail account with your fax and a domain to help you link up with the recipient. In a nutshell, sending a fax via Gmail requires you to do the following:

  1. Create a new email message by clicking the compose button
  2. Key in the recipient number and attach @ and the domain name of your fax service provider
  3. Add a cover page or description in the subject – Optional
  4. Upload the documents you want to send
  5. Click send

Benefits of Gmail Faxes

With more and more people embracing Gmail faxing, it is clear that it offers some benefits, Read on and understand the advantages realized by using Gmail fax.


One main advantage of using Gmail faxing is that it is affordable. Unlike traditional fax machines, you do not need to invest in papers, ink, toners, and even the fax machine itself to send/receive faxes. You only need to have a Gmail account, which is free and subscribe with an online fax provider.

gmail inboxConvenience

Gmail fax is highly preferred for its convenience. The fact that it allows you to send/receive your faxes even when you are not in the office makes it quite attractive. You only need an internet enabled device like a smartphone or a laptop, and you are good to go.

Saves on Space

A fax machine and the papers are often allotted a considerable space. Having a fax machine is a prime location where rent prices are high is not a good idea. With Gmail fax, you can save on space and use it more productively.