How to Eat Sushi in a Restaurant

Sushi is a common Japanese delicacy but people all over the world are now accepting it as a global food. There are different types of sushi, served in Rotterdam restaurant and the types are also great in determining the way you eat sushi. The acceptable way of eating sushi is either using chopsticks, or you can use your hands. For many people, eating sushi is a tradition, and it is how you eat sushi that determines how you eat your sushi.

So how do you eat sushi in the right way?

Wipe your hands with a hand towel

If you are eating sushi in a sushi restaurant, they will provide you with a wet hsushi and towel. The work of the wet hand towel is to clean your hands. After you clean your hands, you can put the towel back.

The ritual of wiping hands is because there are types of sushi eaten using fingers. However, you are supposed to eat sashimi using chopsticks. Of course, if you are in a restaurant, and they bring to you a wet towel, it means that you will need to use your fingers.

Break the chopstick

For many types of sushi, you will need to use chopsticks to eat. In this case, you will need to break them apart because chopsticks are used in pairs. If you are given high-quality chopsticks, you don’t have a problem because they will break easily without much trouble.

On the other hand, if you get the low-quality chopsticks, you will notice some split ends after breaking them. To keep the chopsticks smooth, you need to rub them together. This is for the purpose of keeping them smooth and well defined ready for eating.

Go easy on thedelicious sushi wasabi

Most people advise that you mix the wasabi with the source but this is usually a tricky one. If it is your first time to eat sushi, you might want to go easy on this. Wasabi can be very harsh on a beginner so make sure that you taste how hot it is before you can try it.

Use fingers or chopsticks

The method of eating your sushi will depend on the type of sushi that you are eating. For instance, if you are eating sushi with rice on top of it, then it will be easier to eat it with your hands. If you are eating meat alone with no rice, then you might want to use the chopsticks.